The first Polish application for text research


Project description:

Logios Badacz - a text research application that compares the complexity of text and prepares ready-to-read reports alongside editable graphs.

The short story:

Our client requested the creation of an application for a project which analyzes text complexity. In response, we arranged a meeting to discuss the initial business premise and subsequently decided to create a single page application (SPA) using Vue.js / Nuxt.js technology based on designs prepared by the UX/UI specialist.



  • Brief:

    Development work began via the collation of the necessary business requirements. Along with our client, we compiled a list of functionalities that they would like to implement in the application. Meanwhile, their team was designing the UX / UI of the app.

  • Analize:

    After receiving the functionality list, we conducted an additional graphic design analysis and not long after started coding.

  • Data:

    Next, the backend developer, together with the rest of the team, determined how we should receive data for the front-end, as well as where and how to store important information regarding the technical description of the API.

  • Development:

    We worked iteratively with the client, which allowed us to refine the business and technical requirements during development.

  • Communication:

    We organized our work using Asana, giving us a comprehensive overview of the application in one place.

  • Team:

    Two programmers worked on the project - a front-end and back-end developer, a UX / UI specialist and two testers.


  • Javascript

  • HTML5

  • CSS

  • Python

  • Vue.js

  • Nuxt.js

Tomasz Piekot
Tomasz Piekot,


We gave Codee a considerable challenge and weren't disappointed. Codee understood our needs thoroughly and took care of every detail of our cooperation.


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